The Island Style Roof owes its original design to roofs typically found in Bermuda for the past 400 years. The Bermuda profile for sloped roofs was designed to use the island’s existing resource of limestone. Cut into slabs and installed in a stepped pattern, the heavy “slates” are not likely to shift when facing hurricanes. The steps also slow down the flow of rainwater so that it can be collected in cisterns. Since Bermuda has no fresh water springs, rivers or lakes, rooftop water collection is imperative. This profile, in addition to being practical, is also quite attractive and other islands and coastal communities have adopted the style, even in places where rooftop water collection is not a necessity.

Original designs of the roof are heavy, require skilled installation techniques and lots of maintenance.

Acrylabs has partnered with a leading manufacturer of roof cover boards, National Gypsum and rooftop solar equipment manufacturer AceClamp to create a roof similar in design to roofs found in the islands but employing modern, low maintenance and durable materials – thus the Island Style Roof.