Designed and tested to perform under the harshest and most severe weather conditions

  • The Island Style Roof protects your home or business regardless of what nature brings
  • Extensive lab and field testing confirms wind uplift ratings of over 240 MPH
  • Totally seamless design prevents intrusion from wind driven rains at similar speeds
  • The stepped, island roof look is highly attractive and easy to maintain
  • Available in a reflective, cool white finish or a variety of pastel colors to complement any dwelling or business
  • The Acrylabs membrane provides proven commercial roofing technology combined with PermaBase roof board’s superior moisture resistance and rot-proof design

Hurricane Resistant • Fire Resistant • UV Resistant • Rot Resistant

In recent years, storms have been increasing in intensity and duration. The effects of this harsher weather has caused increasingly more severe damage to roofs and building structures. The need for a roof system that can withstand the greatest hurricane force winds while still maintaining its waterproof integrity inspired engineers at Acrylabs and National Gypsum to develop the Island Style Roof. Based on the look of what’s commonly called the “Bermuda profile”, the Island Style Roof combines Acrylabs’ liquid applied roof membrane with National Gypsum’s PermaBase roof boards. The system can be installed on new or existing roof structures.