The Island Style Roof was developed in an effort to adapt the outstanding and durable performance of Acrylabs commercial roof membranes for use on sloped roofs. Millions of square feet of fluid applied membranes have been used in low slope applications with great results but the smooth, monolithic nature of the membrane doesn’t offer a pleasing look on sloped roofs visible from the ground or from other angles. The solution was to create a profile that would be aesthetically pleasing and still be appropriate for applying the Acrylabs membrane. In addition, the design needed to be resistant to ever increasing tropical storms and hurricanes. Acrylabs partnered with National Gypsum® to include their PermaBase® roof cover boards in creating a pleasing profile.

By overlapping courses of PermaBase a stepped pattern is created that bears a resemblance to a common roof design that originated in Bermuda, thus the name Island Style Roof. Acrylabs fluid applied roof membranes are easily installed directly to the stepped boards. The seamless and durable membrane ensures leak-free performance while maintaining an attractive appearance.

The entire system is designed to withstand the most severe hurricane force winds and wind driven rain allowing the Island Style Roof to be used in the most vulnerable environments along the coasts and in island settings. To be sure that this roof design provides 21st century innovation, Acrylabs partnered with AceClamp® to design an exceptionally rugged solar mounting system specifically suited to the Island Style Roof.